Kimberly Vargas has been writing training and development manuals for human resources departments for more than 12 years. She began fiction writing for personal passion and discovered her talent to translate her visions into descriptive images in words to share with others. Kimberly hopes readers will see the same vision in Gumbeaux she had while writing it.


Gumbeaux by Kimberly Vargas is an armchair trip as vivid as if I was there myself. I have never been to New Orleans, but I got the flavor, not only from each character, well drawn out, but from the delicious food—Gumbo, Crawfish, etc—as well. To me, the mark of a successful novel is that I care about the characters, and I did! The protagonist has a problem that she is seeking help for. Her therapist, and the reader, through her diaries, follows her coming of age journey through the men, money, and mysteries of the South. When I finished reading Gumbeaux, I was ready to book a flight to New Orleans, and I envision seeing Gumbeaux on the big screen.
~ Andrea Glass, Writer’s Way



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